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Photo By Mariah Oldacre 

 Capturing the Authentic Moments That Tell Your Story


I’m an alabama based wedding videographer who has a passion to capture life’s purest moments through my lens

I live for those random adventures, making special memories with friends and family, and eating lots and lots of yummy food. My heart holds a special place for scenic backdrops, exploring, and those awe-filled moments that life has to offer. Wedding videography has changed and developed in such a dramatic way over the years. You deserve so much more than the old camera tripod sitting in the back of the church. Let's ditch the old and accept the new: storytelling. I consider myself a story teller and getting to do so brings me so much happiness. Molding a wedding video into a film that is truly so authentic to you and your family is not only a huge part of what I do, it's what my heart and soul behind my business is. 

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 Featured On...

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Good Morning America, People Magazine, E News, Epoch News, The Knot, Wedding Wire

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