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let's make beautiful memories

Wedding Videographer

Why i do what i do

I want to provide you with an experience, not just a product. Obviously I want to give you a wedding video that allows you to completely relive every aspect of your day, but for me it is so much more than that. 


I pride myself on building intentional friendships with my couples. I mean, I’m sharing the most important day of your lives with you... I want to celebrate you like a true friend, not just a vendor that you crossed off your list.

Okay.. let’s get real here for a sec. If you’re like I was planning my wedding, that budget seems to dwindle SO FAST. Trust me, I get it.  But you get ONE wedding day. One chance to have what you want, what you have envisioned for so long, one chance to have it captured in a beautiful way. Yes, a wedding videographer is an investment and it may seem like it’s out of your budget. But focus on the word I N V E S T M E N T. 


That word is everything. I love capturing the love that you two have for each other. The candid moments, the deep belly laughs, the nose crinkles, the happy tears shared.. everything. It genuinely makes me so happy to be able to create a video where these emotions from the most special day of your lives are captured. Every couple has a story, and your story is important. It is valued. And it deserves to be told in a beautiful way. Let’s be honest, after the wedding day, real life hits and sometimes real life can be hard. During those times, having a timeless video to relive those sweet moments, to hear the vows that were exchanged, to see the celebration of genuine love, to remember your “why, is uplifting. It’s refreshing and rejuvenating and sometimes it’s definitely needed. 


I am so intentional and passionate about what I do and what I capture, and I am intentional and passionate about you. I won’t be someone who shows up on your wedding day, presses a record button, and then leaves.  Let me tell ya, I’m going to laugh with you, most definitely break it down with you on that dance floor, tear up when you put that dress on for the first time, and give you a big bear hug when your wedding day is over. If you’re looking for a quieter more reserved videographer, that’s okay! I know I may not be the best fit for everyone, and I am completely okay with that. 


Long story short, invest in yourself and your story. Invest in something that you will treasure for a lifetime. Something that you can show your children, and your grandchildren. Just think.. how cool would it be to show your kids the vows that you promised each other. The vows that brought them into this world. Showing them the reaction your husband had when you walked down the aisle. Like, seriously… talk about emotional. 

Invest. Invest. Invest. I promise it will be so worth it.

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So.....Why invest?

My Film Style

Wedding Videographer

My style focuses on the authenticity of you and your relationship; your story. My goal is for you to be able to watch your wedding video and feel like you are there reliving every moment. Every laugh, every smile, every touch. You have a beautiful story, and it deserves to be told. 

  every laugh. every smile. every moment

Wedding Videographer
Wedding Videographer
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